Patients’ guide

Dear patients,


A visit to a health institution is a stressful event for most people. It is advisable to know in advance and prepare oneself for the procedure patients undergo to exercise their rights form the secondary (hospital) level of healthcare that we, in Veli Lošinj Health Resort, can provide. Veli Lošinj Health Resort is a county hospital and provides services in the stationary part and specialist-advisory healthcare. Once the individual has a health problem, he addresses his general practitioner, gynaecologist, paediatrician in the local ambulant clinic or the emergency medical assistance. This is the first/primary level of healthcare, from where, in accordance with the opinions of the previously mentioned doctors, the patient is referred, with appropriately completed referral slip, to further processing and treatment.


If you need a service from any of our specialist clinics or the service of hospital treatment, the protocol is as follows:


  • All registrations for medical examinations, tests or procedures may be executed via HOSPITAL UNIT FOR CENTRAL APPOINTMENT ARRANGING FOR THE PATIENTS
  • Bring and appropriate referral slip
  • Send/fax (via telefax 051/236-224) referral slip and specialist finding with indicated medical service, with a phone number you can be contacted on in order to arrange the term of service provision via e-mail:
  • Send a scanned referral slip, i.e. specialist finding with indicated medical service. Confirmation of appointment will be delivered to the e-mail from which the original mail was received.


Veli Lošinje Health Resort is situated in Veli Lošinj, at Podjavori 27, within the Podjavori park forest. If you do not live on the island on Lošinj, the easiest way to reach us is by bus or by car.




When coming to treatment to Health Resort, bring:

  • valid referral slip from your general practitioner
  • health card
  • supplementary medical insurance card
  • identification card
  • findings of ordinated and performed laboratory, radiological and other tests
  • documentation of the last hospitalization or specialist examination
  • list of medicines you are using


Upon coming to the Health Resort, check-in at the reception where you will receive all the instructions on room accommodation and from where you will be referred to the department nurse who will formally admit you.




Your discharge from the health Resort is planned, and you and your family will be duly informed about it. The department staff will give you clear instructions regarding your discharge:

  • when and where you will get the discharge letter and summary, which you are obligated to give to your general practitioner
  • instructions on the potential diet, continuation of treatment and control examinations
  • if, due to unfinished tests, it is not possible to complete the discharge summary, you will receive the discharge letter with all the instructions necessary for the continuation of treatment. The discharge summary will, in that case, be delivered via mail or in person, should you wish to return and take it yourself. You will be informed about this in the department
  • should you be required to participate in or pay the full price of healthcare services, the department nurse will charge you for those and issue a personal receipt.


Hospital personnel


The most important contact you will have is the one with your attending doctor (department or attendant doctor) and the nurses who will implement the treatment. The doctor will determine the method and procedure of your treatment. Convey your wishes and proposals to the doctor on rounds or to the nurse. If necessary, you will be accompanied to tests by a hospital employee.


Hospital meals


Diet is an important part of your treatment.

The type of diet and diet recommendations are determined by your doctor. Department nurse or shift nurse are responsible for the proper rationing and serving of food. You will discuss your diet, special wishes and quantities with the department nurse. Do not forget to inform the department nurse of any food allergies, should you have any.




Please, take only the medicines prescribed by your department doctor during your stay at the hospital. If you have previously used other medications, inform your doctor so he can assess the continuation of the therapy. Smoking, consuming alcohol and drugs are not allowed on hospital premises, and if you have a problem with these or similar addictions, inform us so we can help you overcome them. Your cell phone will undoubtedly make the communication with your friends and relatives easier, but be aware that in exceptional circumstances we will ask you to turn it off (due to proximity of other medical appliances). Also, during conversations, respect other patients’ right to quiet (turn off the tone) and we kindly ask you to refrain from telephone conversations during rounds and other examinations and interventions.


Medical procedure consent


Your consent is required for any medical procedure. Therefore, the doctor will familiarize you, during admission, with all the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures necessary for the improvement of your health. Before you sign the consent form, the doctor will also familiarize you with the possible risks, consequences and complications. In order to prevent immediate life danger, the doctor can perform a medical procedure without your consent should you, due to your current condition, be unable to give one. Parents or legal guardians sign the consent for minors and individuals whose capacity to exercise rights has been taken away.


Space hygiene


We kindly ask you to contribute to the hygiene, tidiness and overall appearance of our Health Resort through your general behaviour. We ask you to, during your stay at the Health Resort, take good care of the spaces, equipment and medical aids you are using. Should you deliberately or due to negligence cause damage, you will have to bear the costs of repair.


Religious needs


There is a catholic church in the vicinity of the Health Resort where you can attend mass and other rituals. If necessary, you can request a conversation with our employee educated for work in prayer communities.


We wish you a pleasant stay and a speedy recovery!



The town of Veli Lošinj is situated in a small cove on the southeast end of the island of Lošinj, at the very foot of Sv. Ivan hill. With almost 1.000 inhabitants, it ranks as the third settlement of the Cres-Lošinj group of islands. Tall houses, many lavish villas and towers in the town centre are its hallmarks.


An interesting fact is that Veli Lošinj, previously known as Velo Selo, was larger than Mali Lošinj, but due to its position and the development of sea faring business, Mali Lošinj took precedence. Hence nowadays, the two towns bear names reverse to the realistic situation of the size of the inhabited area.


In the very centre of the town there is a beautifully decorated parish church of Saint Anthony the Hermit with a tall bell tower. On the opposite side of the harbour, there is a tower with a crown. It was erected in the 16th century to defend the harbour from sea invasions. The tower is the motif on the coat of arms of Veli Lošinj. Should you stroll through the narrow town streets, you will be able to see lavish villas that belonged to former captains and aristocracy. The town park, situated in the hospital vicinity, numbers about 200 species of plants. The town itself started developing in the 15th century, around Saint Nicholas church, the. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere of a fishing town, you will find it further along in Rovenska cove. Surrounding the little harbour are houses and restaurants and not far away is a great breakwater, the founding stone of which was laid by the Archduke Maximillian.